Top 10 Churidar Trendy – Ideas and Inspiration


Top 10 Churidar Trendy – Ideas and Inspiration

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A Churidar dress belongs to the family of traditional women’s clothing costumes in India. Churidar clothing is the dressing category that is longer or bigger in size than your usual outfits. The excessive length of the cloth folds in the circular form and looks like dozens of bangles or churi resting on the ankle, and thus, the word churidar has been derived. Churidar designs are the Indian ethnic piece of clothing that graces all kinds of fashion and outfit. Besides giving a trendy look, the churidar pattern makes you feel comfortable with yourself and suitable for all occasions.


Origin of Churidar patterns

Churidar” is basically a word from the Hindi dictionary. But, it enters into English by the 20th century. Women in India used to wear churidar designs along with the transparent overskirt and a bodice in the 19th century. However, churidar patterns originated in Pakistan where it was a famous dress form. But, it was highly worn by the Pakistani Punjabis and North Indians as well. Most Indian and Pakistani women love to wear the latest churidar design patterns still today.


Preference for churidar among women:

Churidar pattern is immensely favorite among people all over the world. The majority of the women choose churidar pattern for bottom wear especially. Thus, you can compare churidar kameez with dupatta with salwar kameez and dupatta that are quite similar. The churidar dress has a narrow bottom and wide top. This traditional dress from Indian heritage and culture makes you flaunt the contours of your legs. Besides, it is not just for specific types of kameez but matched with a variety of top wear that you can carry off and maintain effortlessly. The extra length of the churidar dress makes you wear it comfortably and bend however you want. Thus, it is one of the most comfortable outfits that has ever been designed.

Churidar designs are suitable for everybody types whether it is fat, thin, tall, short, or plus size as well. Churidar dress leads a body to appear sophisticated and graceful by giving a tall and lean appearance, especially to your lower part. It not only conceals the negatives of your body but also highlights your curves and contours efficiently. A young woman or a mature woman can wear this outfit daily. Therefore, you can say it is highly preferable ethnic wear that matches the latest fashion styles.


Buy perfect churidar patterns online:

The churidar dress such as pajamas, ladies churidar pants, kameez with long churidar bottoms, etc. become one of the widespread outfits and thus, churidar fancies are increasing day by day with new churidar designs. The younger generation loves to wear churidar patterns most. To look more stunning with this simple but high dress style, you have the right piece for you according to the occasion. You can read some tips that will let you purchase a proper collection of the different events.

For wedding ceremonies, you should choose a new model churidar of plain fabric and simple, sober cuts such as cotton churidar dresses, long churidar patterns, etc. instead of heavily embroidered ones to give a light but most fascinating look.

Secondly, it is not a big or typical task to select a new churidar design for festivals. Your clothing flaunts your wealth and status on festive occasions. Thus, you should go for a churidar pattern having a touch of gold or silver by zari weave, or embroidery yet looks sober and straightforward as well.

In special events like parties, there is a matter to have a unique or glamming party look. Opting for designer churidar patterns and cuts will be the best option. Grab a piece of new model churidar having a proper embellishment that gives you a royal look, and you create a high personality. Also, the color of the latest churidar design patterns plays a significant role in your standard outfit. Therefore, choose a color of churidar dress that suits the season or time session of the day. Furthermore, if you are a lover of churidar dresses, you can also wear them on a daily basis (at the office, at home, etc.). Cotton churidar, simple and long churidar designs will be the best preference in such cases.

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